Gold Rush Journal

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Gold Rush Journal

Food For tea tonight we are having bake and butter rolls with mr and mrs long and there two children ying and yang long named after ying and yang. They are twins born here on the gold filed and have not as much money as us so we have them over for tea every saturday. We sometimes go there for tea and have starfri i think i dont know whats it is called but we have chicken or beef with lots of vegetables in it to. They have and vegetable gardan in the backyard of there shop/house there house is in the back of the shop but the shop is very small i dont know how they do it.

Gold RushJournal

daily lifeReally all we get to do that is fun here is playing in the river beside mother and fathers tent and paning in the far river beside Mr.Hartson food. there is lots of small nuggets not big maby the size of a seed of some sort im not sure. we also play a musing game of coundrums its so fun tom, mother, father and i play it every night . i also take mr and mrs longs dog for walks around on sundays and mondays for 2 golden nuggets witch i have about 26 golden nuggets that i save up to bye a new dress for mother because she really wants this on dress that she saw in Mrs. ways shop oh and me and mother somtimes go out to twon and have lunch in a cafe called cafe yong its an china name because this chaina family owns the place but the scones are very good.

Housing My mother and i put the tent up for Tom and i today its made from cut up tent and two tall trees. We tied up the tent ropes to two of the trees and father tird them real tight so they wouldnt fall over on tom and me at night. Mother and father just share a small tent all ready made one.

IntroHi my name is rose,rose Jackson that is im 16 and going to the gold fields to meet my father with my brother and mother. My mother said that it would be an 3 mouth ship ride from england. my little brother tom had been missing father he asked all day every day to go and now that he is 12 we can go to the gold fields. mother said that tom and i have to share an bunck bed in are dorm.

MiningGemmer got here last night. We are going out to the far river to do some paning. We are also going to have lunch there to and i hope that we will find something down there. Also Mr summers son house had been filed with water last week and he didnt make it out alive so we are going to see his father today as well. I feel real sad for him and his wife mrs summers im going to give them 3 golden nuggets big or small for there lost.


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