Gold Rush

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Gold Rush

The Gold RushBy: Vanessa Guerra

The California Gold Rush started when a man found gold at Sutter's Mill.The first person to discover gold was James W. Marshall..

The Gold Rush took place in 1849 in January in California.

One important person for the Gold Rush was Charles H. Bennett because he was present at the dicovery of gold.

Another important fact about the Gold Rush is that "gold was valued from $12.00 to $35.00 an ounce."

One important fact about the Gold Rush is that the people who came to hunt for gold were called the forty-niners.

Another important fact about the Gold Rush was that " by 1960, more than $500 million in gold had been mined, at today's gold prices, that would be over $15 million."

A ghost town is a place that is empty and no people live there. Some things that are left behind are furniture, houses, and tools.

One ghost town that was left behind is Rhyolite. It is located in Nevada. It was active in 1905 and became a ghost town in 1920.

Extra Fact!People would often not find any gold at all.

Extra Fact!Some people mined for gold.

Extra Fact!Some people panned for gold.


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