[2014] Ally L: gold rush

by MrsGreenwood
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Social Studies

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[2014] Ally L: gold rush

In the gold rush, 500,000 migrants came to Australia to find gold. The first person to find gold was an Australian and his name was James McBrien.

New migrants from Britain, America, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary and China heard about the gold, so they rushed to Australia. European diggers didn’t trust the Chinese because they were different. They dressed differently, did not speak English, had different customs, sent gold back to where they lived, used more water, and they worked on Sundays.

Gold Rush

The American, Edward Hargraves started the gold rush. Gold was discovered in California in 1851 on the 12th of February. News spread fast overseas and around 500,000 migrants left their jobs and came to Australia to become rich. Gold was found in a small town called Ballarat in Victoria.The miners slept in tents and there were only small supplies of water and food. They had limited tools and equipment and when they finished in one place, they often packed up their few belongings and went to the next place and to tried to get lucky.

I have learned that the Chinese got treated badly even by the Christians and that 500,000 migrants came to Australia from overseas. I also learned that the person who first discovered gold was called James McBrien, which was in bathurst.

The gold rush took place in Bathurst in NSW and a bit later gold was found in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

The gold rush began in 1851 near a place called Bathurst in New South Wales. Gold was found years before the gold rush stared and was discovered in 1823 and more discoveries were made in 1839, 1841 and 1848 in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

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