Gold in Ancient cultures

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Gold in Ancient cultures

Gold in Ancient Cultures. By Lilley

Ancient Egypt thought that gold was the fleash of the sun god and that it gave eturnal life.


Ireland made gold braclets and colors to offer to the gods by burring the them in the mud.


Only the cheif in arica had gold ornaments and they were the first to teach peoplehow to mold the gold.


Central America also gave gold to the gods by throwing them in sacret rivers and lakes.

They made every day jewelery and envented gold engagement rings. mainly the rich only had gold decorating there homes.



Central America

The spanish ran into central america and because they had all their gold stored the wiped out all of central america to get there gold.

The christans thought that the gold was speical and that is was the only metal ggod anough for gods lips to touch.



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