Gold from different cultures

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Gold from different cultures

Christians believed that gold is sacred and is the only metal good enough for the blood of Christ(wine). They would make gold chalices and cups. The Holy Grail was made of gold too.

Christopher Columbus was on the mission to steal China's gold. On the way he discovered Aztec's gold. To his mighty selfishness he got the Conquistadors (Spanish Army) and defeated the Aztecs. They got their hands on the Aztec's gold.

Ancient Romans used gold for a wide range of jewellery and exotic ornaments for high class houses. They would also bury the dead with their jewelery.

Gold uses throughout different ancient cultures

Ancient Irish made jewellery out of pure gold. They also buried gold in bogs and rivers for their god.

Gold in Africa was exported from Enthiopia, Sudan and Bantu. Ancient Africans mainly used intricate gold pieces for ceremonies and to glorify gloomy places.



Ancient Chinese used gold in jewellery and elaborate ornaments. There were many marvellous gold craftsmen so gold craft was a big part for the chinese.

Ancient Eygptians highly respected gold; it's the sign of eternal life in the Eygptian culture. Highly regarded people had their caskets encrusted or made of solid gold like Tutankhamun. Ancients say that "It's the flesh of the sun god, Ra."




In all countries gold has a considerable significance, not only for beauty, but spritiual uses. After 5000 years since gold has been discovered, multiple uses for it have been created; for it is beautiful, strong and pliable. However, because there's a demand for it, this has caused either destruction or expansion to some countries.

Columbus and Aztec

Ancient Roman ring.

Ancient African gold craft.

This is an ancient gorget made of pure gold.

This is the Tutankhamun.

Ancient Chinese gold craft.

Aztec gold craft.

The Christian Holy Grail.


Ancient Americans threw their gold into sacred lakes and rivers. This was for their god.




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