Goiter and diabetes

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Goiter and diabetes

The symptoms of Diabetes and Goiter are quite different. In Diabetes the symptoms happen all around the body like on the diagram to the right. Where as in Goiter most off the symptoms are to do with the neck. For example; a tightness in the throat, hoarsness (voice) and coughing more frequently.

In both Diabetes and Goiter there are more than one type. There are two types of Goiter; Diffuse small goiter where the whole thyroid gland swells and Nodular goiter where only some parts swell up. There are three types of Diabetes; Type 1 which is usually developed in teen years, Type 2 which is the most common and Gestational diabetes that affects females during pregnancy.

Goiter & Diabetes

This is a Goiter not very attractive aye??

This is a diagram of what a goiter looks like, click the play button to hear about it!!

High sugar foods just like these are the main cause of diabetes. Do you really want to eat it now??

Goiter is caused by to high or to low levels of Hyperthyroidism which is caused by too much thyroid hormones. It can also be caused by a normal amount of thyroid hormones. Diabetes on the other hand are caused by high blood glucose either because the insulin production is inadequate or the body's cells do not respond properly to insuline or both.

A big difference between the two is that unlike Goiter, Diabetes ( depending on the type) is very deadly where as goiter is not.


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