Goerge Herbert Walker Bush

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Goerge Herbert Walker Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush

What happened Before Goerge Bush Became President After he graduated from Yale, Bush recieved an offer to join his dads investment banking firm. His family friend offered Bush a job at Dresser indrustries, an oil equipment company. In late 1950, Bush left Dresser. Then John Overbay formed the Bush-Overbay Oil Devolpment Company. The United States entered World War 11 in 1939 and endedit in 1945. Bush enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserve. He recieved flight training and was commissoned an ensign in June 1943.

Childhood/Family Goerge Bush was born June 24,1924 in Milton Massachusetts. When Bush was only one he moved to Greenwich Connecticut with his mom Dorothy Walker Bush and his dad Prescott Sheldon Bush. Then in 1945 he went to Yale and Graduated 1948.

What was important about George Bush's presidency In 1990 Bush ordered hundreds and thousands U.S. troops to the Middle East after Iraq invaded and took over Kuwait in August 1990. Bush also ordered U.S. Navy ships to help enforce a United Nations embargo on the shipment of goods to and from Iraq. Bush ordered to drive out the Iraq forces from Kuwait and the attack became known as Operation Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War.

Fun Facts About George Bush He flew 58 combat missions for the Navy during World War II and was awarded three Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He also becomes the youngest pilot in the Navy at the time, after earning his commission and wings.He is the second U.S. president, after John Adams, to be the father of a U.S. president.


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