Godzilla in the 1960s

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Godzilla in the 1960s

Today, we still see Godzilla in his own comics called Godzilla Wars and Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. In May 16, 2014, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures decided to bring back Godzilla back to life and became the world's biggest blockbuster movie of all time.

Origin of Godzilla

1954 - Gojira1955 - Godzilla Raids Agian1964 - Godzilla Returns1969-Destroy All Monsters1999 - Godzilla 20002004 - Godzilla Final Wars2014 - Godzilla

Originally, Godzilla was released in 1954, it was one of the famous horror movie and became the world's biggest super star (metaphoricly and literally). The movie was made about dangerous atomic weapons are after they were bombed by the Americans to end WW11.


In the 1960s, Godzilla became very popular after his first release on film. People began to make toys with him and his monster allies and enemies. Nintendo began using Godzilla in their video games products where you can play as Godzilla. Including Marvel Comics decided to use Godzilla in his own adventures like America's first ever American cartoon, Godzilla. He's more popular than Super Man, Spider-Man, and Transformers combine.


Godzilla in the 60s



Godzilla 2014 Trailer



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