God's Final Frontier

by Unskooled
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God's Final Frontier

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God's Amazing Design of the

Final Frontier

Hey, kids! I'm Joe the imaginary alien, and I'm here to tell you about God's amazing universe!

Most people will try to tell you that the entire universe was created by chance millions of years ago. But I have a secret for you: God actually created the universe about 6,000 years ago, and it only took Him six days to do it! (Read Genesis 1 for the whole story.)God created the galaxies, and the stars, and the nine, er, eight, planets. (Sorry, Pluto.) In fact, nothing that is on the earth or out in space was created without God.Here are some really interesting facts about space:- Pluto's day is about the same lenght as Earth's entire week.- We know more about space than our own oceans.- Out of all the planets, only Venus rotates clockwise.- Sometimes really big asteriods have their own moons.- About three Earths could fit inside Jupiter's Great Red Spot.

It's okay, Pluto. I'm not a planet either.

Isn't space just amazing?

Information here and here. Background.

The heavens proclaim the

The skies display His

Psalm 19:1


glory of God.


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