Gods and Goddesess

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Gods and Goddesess

Nut- goddess of the sky. her picture is sometimes painted on tombs and sarcofigeses or with the sky. She can also be seen as a pig with the stars as her piglets and with vulture wings.

Set- god of bad things such as evil and arguments. He appears to be a human with the head of a donkey.He is also sometimes seen as a pig or hippo.

gods and goddesses

Geb- the god of earth. A green skinned man with a bird on top his head. His wife is Nut. Ged creates earthquakes when he laughs.

Bes- protector of children and the home. It was belived that Bes was present at the birth of a child. He will dance around the room a shake a rattle to scare away demons.

Isis- goddess of motherhood, women, magic, and is the protector of Imseti a canopic jar that contains the liver. She wears a hieroglyph symbol for throne on her head.

Shu- god of air. He has a feather on his head and is usally seen holding up Nut over Geb.

sobek- god of water. He is completly human except for his crocodile head. They thought that the Nile came from his sweat.

Thoth- He is the god of wisdom, scibes, and writing. He is a baboon or ibis headed man.


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