Goddness Hera

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Goddness Hera

5 fun Facts

Hera was strongly tied to Heracles, one of Zeus's favorite sons from an affair. At his birth, she was said to have sent two serpents to kill him. Hercules grabbed the snakes and strangled them. When he was older, she caused him to go insane, killing his wife and children in the process. She then made him suffer the consequences of the murders by bestowing the famous twelve labors on him. Hera made sure each task would end his life. Hercules lived through it. She eventually accepted him and even offered Hebe, one of her daughters, to him in marriage after he ascended to Olympus as a god.

the story of Hera Against Hercales

Goddess Hera

1.Hera was to be jealous and vengeful towards the many lovers and offspring of her husband, Zues2. Hera was the ''Queen of the Olympian Gods''3.Hera was called ''Cow Face" although she was also called the cheif among the immortals in beauty4.Hera turned Callisto into a bear because Zues fell in love with her5.Though she may have been Physically Attractive, her vindictive personality.

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Her Symbol of Flower


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