Goddess of the moon

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Goddess of the moon


Selene is one of three main godesses of the moonOthers include Hecate and Artemis but selene was the personifaction of the moonArtemis also represented the waxing moon, a maiden.tSelene represented the full moon, a matronHecate was the waning moon, a cronehttp://www.thewhitegoddess.co.uk/the_goddess/selene_-_goddess_of_the_moon.asp

Selene's parents are Hyperion= Titan God of lightTheia= Titan goddess of sight and the brightness of gemsHer siblings are Helios god of the sun and Eos Goddess of Dawnhttp://www.theoi.com/Titan/Selene.html

Children:(Zues)Pandeia-Little information, name means all brightErsa-Goddess of the dewNemea- City of nemean named after her; nemean lion (Helios)The Horai The four seasons(By herself?)A mortal poet named musaeus(Endymion)Fifty children, The months

The chariots:Moon chariot (selene)- Silver drawn by two white horses or oxenSun chariot (helios)-Gold chariot drawn by four firey horsesThe sunrise (eos)- A pink purple and gold chariot drawn by four white horses

Deep in the cold winter nightsFor control of the silver chariot helios fights

While the moon visits her sleeping loveAnd man watches the long nights above

SeleneGoddess of the moonRoman Luna

A myth associated with Selene is the story of Endymion.. Endymion was a handsome mortal man who tended to a field of sheep at night. One day Selene saw him while on her moon chariot. Falling madly in love with him she began to stalk him. One day while flying over she realized he would age and die. In some stories Zeus, previously having an affair with Selene was jealous and put Endymion into eternal sleep. In other stories endymion was his son and Selene went to Zeus to ask him to give Endymion immortality, but instead Zeus put him in eternal sleep. In other stories Selene herself cast a spell to make him sleep forever. While he was in the comatose state she had fifty children with him. Those children were the months between the Olympics. http://www.mythography.com/myth/welcome-to-mythography/greek-legends/legends-1/endymion/



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