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Goddess Girls

The story takes place in the period of ancient Greece.The main setting takes place on an academy called Mount Olympuse acadamy. It stands on the highest peek of Mount Olympuse.The acadamy is sometimes called M.O.A. This academy is a huge, gold temple filled with white stone columns, designed with greek ancient designs. On the out side of this academy, there are great spaced fields.

One of the main characters is called Athena. She has long , brown hair and blue - gray eyes and her favourite colour is blue. She is the goddess of wisdom and war fare(war fare means battle strategies)so, she is very smart and also kind. Her dad is Zeus. He is ruler of the heavens, principal of M.O.A, and her dad!Big title for one man!She also always has a text scroll in her face!(a text scroll has all the information of a book but is a scroll.this gives proof of my setting) Persephone is the next main character. She has long, puffy, red, curly hair and green eyes andher favourite colour is green. Persephone is the goddess of flowers and gardening. She is kind but shy and is always triing tobe posative around others and chear up anyones mood. She loves to garden and plant flowers but isn't the best at sports. Artemis is one ofthe main characters. Artemis has curly , black hair and black eyes. her favourite colour is red. She is the goddess of the hunt so,she has keen eyes and is awesome at sports and archery. She is also very brave and daring! Aphrodite is the last main character. She has long , curly, golden blonde hair with sky blue eyes and loves the colour pink.Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty so she is always triing to make every ones dreams come true and always shopping. She likes to do sports and is very kind.

#1Artemis comes with the idea to create The Girl Games. She thinks that girls should have their own games.#2Athena and her friend found out that something big will destroy M.O.A. and the Girl Game if no one stops it.

#1Artemis thinks she can organize the games by herself and never ask for help, because she thinks the people would judge her as a weak person.#2A day before the games, Athena asked Artemis to help her with a problem she has, which takes away the time she has to prepare the games. #3A dangerous creature is coming to destroy M.O.A. and the girls have no idea how to stop the horrible monster.

1. Many times I have fought with friends when I don't agree on something and I know a lot of people who have done it too!. But in the end , everyone always finds a solution and stops fighting. This remains me one Persephone and Aphrodite fight but become friends again. 2. Artemis learns to ask for help, and knows that people won't judge her. Is o.k. ask for help if it is too much for just you.

#1In the book, Arthemis soon learns that is o.k. asking for help once in a while. The day before the games she asked her friends to help her set everything up for the games.Things can get too complicated for just one person, so that is why you can always rely on friends to help you. #2In the book, Aphrodite and Persephone, find an idea of how to share Adonis and that they shouldn't be fighting. Sometimes friends can start to fight because they don't want to share or don't agree on something.This remains me about how important FRIENDSHIP is.

I would recommend "Goddess Girls The Girl Games" to a grade 3 or 4 girl. I say grade 3 or 4 because I started reading the Goddess Girl collection in grade 3 and I continued reading the collection at grade 4. If I were to recommend by personality I will recommended to a girl who is enthusiastic, energetic, likes sports, likes kittens, and knows at least a slight bit of greek mythology. I would rate this book 5 out of 5, because it is filled with funny details what happens in the games and the way the story takes twists and turns.


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