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God Mars

About MarsMars was the god of war. Mars was worshipped with great honor as the guardian of Rome. Mars was considered a god of nature and fertility as well as of war. The month march was named for him it was when winter ended so farmers could plant their crops and it was also when soldiers returned to the battlefield.Under Augustus, the worship of Mars became more prominent. Mars was seen as the protector of Rome, but also as the emperor’s personal guardian.

Influence todayThere were several festivals held in honor of Mars. March 1, was when the Feriae Marti was celebrated. The Armilustrium was held on October 19, on this day the weapons of the soldiers were ritually purified and stored for winter. Every five years the Suovetaurilia was held. During these fertility and cleansing rites, a pig, a sheep, and bull were sacrificed. The Equirria was held on February 27 and March 14, on which horse races were held. The Quinquatrus was on March 19 and the Tubilustrium on March 23, where the weapons and war-trumpets were cleansed.

Effects on the worldMars used spears as his weapons.Before the Romans would go into war, they would first consult Mars.In the middle of the city of Rome stood a sacred temple. The temple held the sacred spears of Mars.When the Roman army was getting ready for battle, they sent an important person of the army to the temple. This person was called a consul.The consul was going to the temple to ask for the god Mars approval. They wanted to know if Mars would take their side in the war. The consul would enter the sacred temple and pick up a spear. Then he would shake the spear and say loudly, “Mars, wake up!”Sometimes the other spears moved on their own. This was a sign that Mars was angry.To calm the angry god, the priests of the city would perform a sacred ritual

Interesting factsMars had 9 different symbols they were known as the Ancile, a sacred shield, a Spear, a Burning Torch, Vulture, Dog, Woodpecker, eagle and owl. Mars is featured in myths in Greek Mythology relating to the Giant Echidnades ' the War with the Titans, the War of the Giants and the the Flight from Typhoeus. The word 'martial' which means "warlike," is derived from the Latin word 'martialis' meaning "of Mars or war".the day Tuesdaywas named after the German god Tiu, who was closely identified with Mars.

Family relatioshipMars was Believed to be the father of Romulus and Remus. He was the son of Jupiter and juno. Mars was known as the father of the Roman people because he was the father of Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome, and husband to Bellona. The Romans called themselves 'sons of Mars'. Mars Greek equivalent is the god Ares.

Mars god of war


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