God Hermes

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God Hermes

1. Hermes is the son of Zeus and Gaia.2. Hermes functions were many,but he was primarily the messenger of the Gods.3. He was god of travelers and roads, of luck, of music and eloquence, of merchants and commerce, of young men, and of cheats and thieves.4. Hermes invented the lyre and the shepherd's flute.5. The Hermae was a riotous carnival that was celebrated in his honor.6. Hermes stole Apollos cattle once he was born.


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1. Hermes accomplished to steal things fron different Gods. He stole Poseidon's trident, Ares sword, Apollos bow and quiver, and etc.2. Hermes freed Persephone from the Underworld.3. Hermes killed Argus who had 100 eyes.4. Hermes freed Odysseus from the Circe.

Lasting Impact

He invented things we use today, for example he invented Athletism and Boxing and these things still go on today.


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God Hermes





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