Goals and Struggle of Education

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Goals and Struggle of Education

Anthony Benezet founded one of the best know schools for African Americans in Philadephia. he also believed that African Americans were" generously sensible, humane, and sociable, and that their capacity is as good, and as capable of improvement as that of White people."

Noah WebsterIn 1783, Webster first introduced his speller under the cumbersome title, "A Grammatical Institute of the English Language" which became very Popular. In one of his spellers, Webster declared that its purpose was to help teachers instill in students "the first rudiments of the language."

Sarah PierceBy 1798, the school Pierce began went by the name of the “Female Academy” and Pierce began a subscription list to fund the construction of a new school building, which by 1803, sat at a site on North Street indicated today by a stone marker. Here Pierce introduced young women to her revolutionary ideas about education—namely, that girls should be taught the same subjects as boys. These subjects included such intellectual staples as geography and history. Pierce even went so far as to write her own histories when she could not find suitable texts. - See more at: http://connecticuthistory.org/sarah-pierces-litchfield-female-academy/#sthash.gVXIDAja.dpuf

Benjamin franklin designed and promoted the Philadelphia academy, a private secondary school, which opened in 1751

The first state- supported high school in the United States was the Boston English Classical School, established in 1821, the opening of this school, renamed English High School in 1824, marked the beginning of a long, slow struggle for state- supported common schools in tis country.

Horace Mann was a lawyer, Massachusetts senators, and the first secretary of a state board of education. He is best known as the champion of the common school movement, which has led to the free, public, locally controlled elementary schools we know today.

From the 17th to the late 20th centuries, schools were segregated by race. The first recorded official ground for school segregation dates back to Massachusetts Supreme Court in 1850. When the Roberts family sought to send thier daughter Sarah to a White school in Boston, the court ruled that "equal, but separate" schools were being provided and that the Roberts therefore could not claim an injustice (Roberts v. City of Boston, 1850).

Morrill Land- Grant Act sponsored by congressman Justin S. Morrill of Vermont, provided federal land for states either to sell or rent in order to raise funds for the establishment of colleges of agriculture and mechanical arts.

Thomas Jeffersonproprsed to the Virginia legislature in 1779 his bill for th more General Diffusion of Knowledge. this plan called for state-controlled elementary schools that would tech, with no cost to parents, three years of reading, writing, and arthmetic to all white children. in addition, 20 state grammar schools would be created in which selected poor students would be taught free for maximum period of six years.

Goals and Struggle of Education











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