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GO Romeo and Juliet.

Tough Love

"Ah, dear Juliet, Why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe That unsubstantial death is amorous, And that the lean abhorrèd monster keeps Thee here in dark to be his paramour? 115For fear of that, I still will stay with thee, And never from this palace of dim night Depart again." (V, III, 110)

These pictures show how the love between Romeo and Juliet is tough.  At the beginning of their story, they see beauty and are in the garden at night getting to know one another.  During this time, they really only have each other to lean on. Then after they are married and more drama happens, they both die to be with their love.  Romeo kills himself by poison when he thinks that Juliet is dead.  When Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo is dead, she tries to kill herself by kissing the poison off of his lips and when that does not work she puts his dagger in her chest.  They still felt like they only had each other to lean on in the end. It is tough to be in love.



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