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Environmental Studies

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Go Green

Question #3In West Genesee Middle School people are leaving lights and computers on. Here are some solutions for those problems. They can be fixed by getting things like a timer on our water because kids are just leaving the water on. By people are leaving the lights on we also could have a motion sensor on all of the class room lights just like we have in the gym. Or maybe instead of the motion sensor we could get CFLlight bulbs. instead of having air conditioning we could just get fans or ceiling fans. We could also get things like cooling systems. People are also leaving computers on which is not good for the environment and it also costs a lot of money. One way is to only be on the computers for a certain amount of time. Another way is to set up a timer on your computer just like they put on some of the TV’s in the stores. Even though there are good things a lot of those good things could also turn into bad things.

Question #4Some challenges will be faced when implementing our solution. Wind power only will work when the wind blows, sun/solar power only works during the daytime, new technology is always improving, needing more energy(energy4me). People have alot of devices and use alot of energy(Jon Creyts). Also people are leaving lights on in there house! Some ways we can solve these problems are to possibly use solar panels during the day and use wind energy during the night. Another way we could save energy is using LED’s because they use less energy(Jon Creyts). Those are some challenges and how we could solve those challenges implementing our groups solution.

Question #1 What does It mean to go green? To me it means taking care of the environment and recycling. According to yourdictionary.com going green means “making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to reduce, reuse and recycle.”There are many benefits of becoming greener . One of the benefits of going green is that it reduces pollution. it also conserves natural resources. Going green contributes to conservation of forests and wildlife. Going green also helps to maintain the ecological balance on the earth so that all living creatures can survive and thrive in their natural habitat.

Question#2 People aren't conserving/saving electricity and we should fix that. Less use of fossil fuels, fossil fuels pollute and they will eventually run out(Asaff, Beth). Less pollution overall and fewer greenhouse gasses(Asaff, Beth). The energy we depend on can't be replaced ex. coal(Alliant Energy Kids) . People are not conserving electric and those are some reasons worth solving!



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