Go Green Initiative Earth Day Contest

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Go Green Initiative Earth Day Contest

March 23 - April 30, 2012

Glogster EDU and the Go Green Initiative have teamed up to celebrate Earth Day 2012 by putting your environmental awareness to the test! This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about your community and earn Earth Day-themed prizes for you, your classroom, or your school. Ready to go green?



  • hoths18 8 years ago

    hoths18's avatar

    this is so cool i think its awesome to do stuff like this

  • donnadixie 8 years ago

    donnadixie's avatar

    three million cheers for earthday!!!

  • DDLOLZ 8 years ago

    DDLOLZ's avatar

    green is the new black!!!!

  • 62427DWES 8 years ago

    62427DWES's avatar

    You big meanie! Send in our glogs before they are claimed to be finished! I don't think so!

  • atlep 8 years ago

    atlep's avatar

    dont like the pics but the rest was awsome

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