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gn southwest


Most of the time, the Hopi walked many miles to get to their village. If there was too much drought and the Hopi coudn't plant vegetables, they would walk sometimes more than 200 miles to get food from far away places.They also walked across the desert to get water from springs.

The Hopi believed in spirits and gods. Some gods created the world. They also believed in the kachinas, which are powerful spirits.(Really the kachinas were dressed up villagers.)Some were good and brought rain. Some were bad, and ate children that misbehaved.



Corn was the Hopi's main food. They made lots of things out of corn. Sometimes they made bread, sometimes it was a pancake called Piki. They grew lots of beans and squash.They also gathered berries, seeds, and nuts from the desert .They occasionally ate meat.The Hopi got water from springs.

The children and adult Hopi wore the same clothes all the time . The Hopi girls and women wore mantas, which were blankets made of black cloth. The men and boys wore breehcloths or kilts. If the boys got cold, they wore loose pants and a shirt. All of the Hopi wore leggings when it was cold. Sometimes when it was warm the younger children wore nothing except for sandals or moccasins just like everyone else. The clothes were made of cotton instead of deerskin because there weren' t many deer around to hunt.




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