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LIST OF GMOS-corn-canola-tomatoes-salmon-wheat-soya/ soybeans

HEAVY GMO FOODScorn: takes up roughly 80-percent of the American corn. Gmo corn is changed for resistance to In 1994 the first genetically modified soybean was introduced to the U.S. market, by Monsanto. made for resistance to pests.

gmo foods are foods that are genetically modified to prove more sufficient. They use gmo foods for things such as growing foods faster (quantity) or to grow them in different environments (colder/ hotter).

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What are gmo foods?

POSITIVES/ NEGATIVESPOSITIVE: -longer shelf life-enhanced nutritional value-faster growth time-growth is possible in more extreme climates-helps feed people in our rapidly growing world-they are more resistant to pestecides and herbicides


88 % of food is gmofood

POSITIVES/ NEGATIVESNEGATIVE:-allergies increase in children-antibiotics become less effective-testing may have not been long enough -many chemicals inside the foods-foods have been proven to kill animals after being genetically modified, however this is testing on ANIMALS and NOT humans

MY OPINION ON GMO FOODS my honest opinion on something like gmos would be that it could be good or bad. The positives and negatives work together to form something that works. In the future it could be workded on or enhanced to go the more eco-friendly way, however it could also get worse. Right now my opinion on the gmo foods is that it is efficient, not healthy but it is what must be done so that high demand for the fast growing population is met.


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