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Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA) Genetic material that makes up our genetic code. DNA has the infromation necessary to build an organism. If you change the DNA, you change the organism.

An organism whose DNA has been altered or modified through genetic engineering.

To improve something about the organism for our benefit. Scientists modify plants so they are resistent to bugs, grow larger, don't bruise as easily.


Genetically Modified Organism

Many people worry that genetically modified foods aren't good for us and they want food companies to have to put a label on foods that are genetically modified so they can make an informed decision.

What is the Problem with GMOs?

Some Against GMO's-Center for Food Safety-Institute for Responsible Technology-Non-GMO Project

Transgenic OrganismsA GMO that has been altered with DNA from another organism. This could be from a bacteria, virus, plant or animal.

Some in Favor of GMOs-World Health Organization-American Medical Assosiation-US National Academy of Science-British Royal Society

Glow in the dark pigs? Goats that produce silk? Featherless Chickens?!?


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