GMO Plants and Animals

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GMO Plants and Animals

GMO Plants and Animals

The largest agriculture company in the world, Mosanto, claims that "it's important to know how your food was produced." Mosanto is the world's only supplier of GMO seeds, and the number of seeds it sells are frightening: 88% of corn, 93% of soybeans, and 94% of cotton is now genetically modified.

Contrary to what is presented by Mosanto, many polls that have been conducted show that 91 percent of consumers want genetically modified crops and products to be labeled as such. These same surveys show that as much as 53 percent of consumers would not buy products that are labeled as "genetically modified". Mosanto wants its money, so it does not let products be labeled.

GMO products contain a gene that causes a pescticide to be produced by every cell in the plant. This toxin may affect humans as well.

Every year, the US produces 12.36 billion bushels of corn. This means that $76.4 billion goes to the corn industry every year. Mosanto currently has a monopoly on over 88% of these crops being produced.


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