GMO intro

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GMO intro

1. Watch video #1.2. List 10 advantages of this organic food production system. 3. Watch video #2.4. List 10 advantages of this commercial food production system. 5. Keep work and turn in on Tuesday.

Video #1

Video #2

Essential Question:What are the pros and cons of both commercially grown food crops and organically grown food crops?

Click on the link to read about a GMO that could save lives.

NO PhonesNO Food NO DrinksClick on the link to find out how everyday people are using GMO's

In Europe, the population is very hesitant to believe government agencies about food safety and tend to believe public interest groups like Greenpeace instead.

Essentially, biotechnology creates GMOs the same way farmers have been creating hybrids for hundreds of years.

Not all GMO's are food. BT cotton is an example of a GMO.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism



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