GMO Foods

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GMO Foods

GMO Foods

- In my opinion I think GMO foods should be in stores if they're modifications aren't harmful to us or the environment. I think that because if they don't cause harm and actually help they can be very beneficial.

- 87% of people want GMOs labelled- 53% of people don't want GMOs - 88% of corn is genetically modified- 94% of soybeans are genetically modified- there are approximately 30,000 GMOs on grocery store shelves

Should GMOs Be in Stores?

- GMO foods (genetically modified organism) are foods that have their DNA changed to withstand either temperature, predators, or droughts. They modify the foods my using methods of genetic engineering.


What is a GMO?


- Some examples of GMO foods include: - soybeans- corn - cotton - papayas- summer squash- alfalfa- tomatos- sugar beets

Pros and Cons of GMOs

- Pros of GMOs include: - crops last longer- use for pesticides decreases- foods have a longer shelf life for easier shipping - growth rate increasesCons of GMOs include: - cause new allergies- cause new diseases- kill off wildlife - deformation


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