Glowing Animals

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Glowing Animals

Glowing PigsIn 2006, scientists at the National Taiwan University stated to have successfully bred three green pigs using the DNA from the fluorescent jellyfish that was added to pig embryos. With that, the pigs would be used in stem cell research to study human diseases. Glowing MonkeysIn 2009, japanese scientists, inserted the same jellyfish DNA to monkeys.The researchers planned on breed monkey families that develop neuro-degenerative diseases,so they can use them to understand better Parkinson's and motor neurone diseases. Glowing DogsIn 2011, a group of researchers breed a dog that could glow, but it also turned on and off. They said that it will help them understand, genes that trigger fatal human diseases, especially knowing that humans and dogs have 268 illnesses in common. Glowing CatsIn 2011, scientist used the green proteins in a cat to help them monitor the activity of a gene, which helps them resist the feline form of Aids.

Glowing Animals

By: Helena Bertiaux

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Why do glowing animals exsist?

1)Scientist are inserting jellyfish genes into animals so that it can help them understand diseases that affect humans. 2) One way of doing this is by inserting fluorescent proteins,found in Aequorea Victoria Jellyfish.3) The proteins help scientists monitor the performance of genes they have altered.

My Opinion During class, Ms.Heil showed us a video about glowing animals. This gave me idea to go further on this subject. I decided to choose this subject because it is very interesting how scientists insert a single gene and that gene can help a lot on discovering new sicknesses and how to fight cure sicknesses. My opinion on this idea about glowing animals is really and will help us a lot futher in the future.

Other OpinionsMany other scientist love this expirement. they think that this gene will help a lot and will also help discover new sicknesses.



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