Gloster Elements Project

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Gloster Elements Project

This following Glogster will demonstrate the elements:Au,Pt,O

Of course,we all know that Au,Pt, and O are all elements.But is there something else than elements that they have in common with?

Au is the symbol of gold.(Again,we already know that.) Gold has a atomic # of 79 and a atomic mass of 200

Created By: Matthew Arowwood, Hannah Larkin, and Alyssa Kozlowski


O is the symbol for Oxygen. It has an atomic # of 8 and a atomic mass of 16.

Important Info.

5 Basic Facts About Platinum1)Average atomic mass is 195.084 amu2)Atomic number is 783)It has oxidation numbers of 1,2,4,64) In a neutral atom, it has one valence electron5)Its name orgin is Spanish, "platina" meaning little silver

3 Interesting Facts About Platinum1)Platinum bonds are being looked into to help stop cancer2)It has a boiling point of 3800 degrees Celsius.3)It was discovered by Julius C Scaliger in 1557

Pt is the symbol for platnum.(We know that.)The atomic mass is 195 while the atomic # is 78.

Platinum and gold are both metals while oxygen has NOTHING in common with platinum nor gold.

3 Intresting Facts About Gold1) 4,000 tonnes of gold in the ocean.2) Gold is very rear compared with diamonds.3) Gold is one of the heaviest in the world.

5 Basic Facts on Gold: 1.) It is the only metal that is yellow or "golden." 2.) It rusts as well as conduct heat and electricity 3.)It mels at 1064.43 degrees4.)It's rare compared to diamonds5.)Pure gold is soft enough to where it can be molded in your hands it's absolute.

5 Basic Facts About Oxygen: 1) It is a Non-metal.2)This element is orderless,tasteless and colorless.3)Liquid and solid oxygen are pale blue4)This supports combustion5) The atomic # is 8.3 Intresting Facts on Oxygen: 1)The Greek name for it is 'acid former'2) About .9% of the sun is made up of this element.3) About 21% of oxygen is air.



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