Glossary, References

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Glossary, References

Glossary and References

Glossary:1. Compounds-A substance consisting of atoms or ions of two or more different elements in definite proportions joined by chemical bonds into a molecule. The elements cannot be separated by physical means.2. Electrostatic-Relating to or caused by electric charges that are not in motion. 3. Soluble-Capable of being dissolved4. Molten-Semi solid- liquid state5. Aqueous-Relating to or dissolved in water.6. Radioactive( Radioactivity)- The emission of radiation by unstable atomic nuclei undergoing radioactive decay . 7. Cation-An ion with net positive charge, having more protons than electrons.8. Anion-An ion with net negative charge, having more electrons than protons.

References:1. *New* Chemistry for You. (Lawrie Ryan)




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