[2015] Kaldin Spiker (Neibert 2): Glorious Glaciers

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[2015] Kaldin Spiker (Neibert 2): Glorious Glaciers

Other glaciers include El Calfate, Rio soule Cruz, and Lagoviema

Poerito Moreno is one of the largest glaciers in the world

Poerito Moreno is the largest tourist location in Argentina

One major glacier among the many is the Poerito Moreno is the largest

Glorious Glaciers

While visiting Argentina some things you may see are Mountains, Waterfalls, Valleys, and Waterfalls

Depositional features can include cirques which are valley like holes caused by glaciers. Tarns which is a small lake on a mountain. There could also be glacation a which are mountains or open areas covered in ice or a glacier. One last depositional feature could be a glacation zone which is the area where glacations previously occurred and covered the land

Glacier valleys

Side views of glaciers

Underwater view of a glacier

The Poerito Moreno glacier is a major producer of icebergs


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