Glogtopia Project Grade 6

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Glogtopia Project Grade 6

What animal would symbolize your utopia? Explain your choice and include a picture.


Name for your Utopian Society

Choose a creative and appropriate name to represent your new society. Explain your choice to make the name clear.

Write a brief statement (2-3 paragraphs) describing the reasons for your formation of a utopian society. What specifically don't you like about the current society? How has the current society broken trust with you? Why do you feel the name to form a "more perfect" society? You might refer to the U.S. Declaration of Independence for ideas.

Declaration of Independence

Utopian Motto and Seal

Create a slogan or motto for your inhabitants to follow. Explain the meaning and significance of the seal you create.

Utopian Animal

List of Rules

Develop a list of at least ten rules that all community members will follow. Provide a rationale for each rule.

Governing Body

How will the government be structured? Will you have a democracy, an anarchy, a monarchy or a dictatorship? How will your utopia make decisions?

Invitation to Friends

Write a persuasive letter to a friend or relative on why YOUR utopia is the best one in which to live. (You can choose an email format if you would like)


Write three journal entries (this can be in the form of a blog if you would like). Describe three different days in your utopia. Choose days when different events will be occurring. For instantce, a day when a utopian community member goes to school or work and a day when the person does not. Your entries might include details on work, family, worship, school, entertainment and so on.

Daily Itinerary

How will inhabitants spend their time during the week? Develop a hypothetical schedule that community members might follow during a typical day. Your intinerary can be a listing of times and activities but it should be broken down by the hour (or similar time period appropriate for your utopia).


Develop a written advertisement for your advertisement. This ad should be complete with pictures that are representative of life in your utopia.


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