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Glogster EDU is the educational version of Glogster that you can use with your students to create online, interactive posters.

Glogster EDU

What is Glogster EDU?

Students can create glogs to share what they have learned. Forget book reports, PowerPoints or posters. Glogster is the new presentation tool for 21st century students.

Teachers can create glogs for their students. Students can access links, videos, and information about their current unit of study. It will make your lessons fun and engaging.

Glogster is fun and creative!Glogster can be used with students from any grade level and with any subject area.Glogster comes with easy to use tools and plenty of images to make your project.

Why Use Glogster EDU?

Add interactivity with links: Click here to go to Glogster EDU.

How can teachers use Glogster EDU?

Glogs can be embedded in a web page or shared online. Share your glog on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter or other social networking sites. Teachers and students can leave comments on completed glogs. Glogs can be private or shared with the world.

Add video or audio and put it in a fun player.

How can students use Glogster EDU?

Learn how to use Glogster EDU. Click here.

How do I share my Glogster EDU glog?

Choose from fun text boxes, backgrounds, and graphics and upload your own images, audio, and video.


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