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Glog Project Tips and Tricks

Year it became part of the Dominion of Canada: July 1, 1867. Did you know: Ontario was originally a French territory but in 1763, at the end of the French and Indian War, France gave the Ontario region to Britain.

History (Ontario)

Use google to find a video. Search for a place or an attraction. Click the video option in the sidebar. Right-click the video to obtain the address (URL). In Glogster, select the video tool. Click Link, and paste your URL. This will show the video in the Glog. Note: YouTube videos will not work for students at school.You may also link to a site where the video appears.

Come visit the ice festival in Quebec City

How do I put in a link?

How do I put in a video?

Click here to find out where my first settler's came from...


Need to be in preview to view movie

Click here to find out where my first settler's came from...

Do I have the right info?

You must have a text box or picture selected to put in a link. Select the text or picture.

poster yourself

Using YouTube videos in a glog...tutorial

Come see a movie on Quebec City


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