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glogster tips

Glogster Tips

When linking photos, Create your link on a small graphic to reduce the size of the pink, link indicator.See examples

Create the text portion your Glog in Google Docs or Word before starting your Glog. This will hopefully minimize spelling errors.Content first!

Here's an example of a title.Notice when I add a lot of text to this bubble, you have to use the pesky scroll button on the right to see everything I'm writing... Avoid the scroll button :)

Save often!

Here's an example of a stickerNotice I can write a lot of information on this sticker and who ever is reading this does not have to use the scroll button to read it.Try to avaid the scroll button at all costs when you are creating your glog...

When creating large bodies of text, use the "stickers" from the magnet toolbar. Try to stay away from creating text that readers have to scroll down to read. See examples

When adding elements to your glog, choose a theme and stick with it. This is a time saving tip too because it doesn't take as long to look through all the fun things Glogster has to offer.It also makes your Glog look better!

Say No to the Back Button

Name your Glog.My Glog's name is "Glogster Tips". If you don't name your Glog, you'll end up with something like"Glog30047"Boring...

Use the clone option!In order to keep the same font and color, I used the clone option throughout this blog. Each of the animated flowers are clones. They are all the exact same size!


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