Glogster Report

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Glogster Report

History reportsTimelinesSportsBiographies/AutobiographiesHealth ProjectsField trips

Show how to solve equationsAlternative ways to demonstrate learningShow: area, perimeter, measurementsSolve word problemsMultiply/divide fractionsInclude teacher tubes or other educational videosStep by step directionsStudents can create their own problems

OrganizedLet their creativity showTopic basedEasy flowing presentationInformation all on one pageListening and speaking grades!Add images and audio

Listen to textPicturesVideo optionsSequenced eventsOrganize events/facts from textBook reports

Graphic OrganizersVisualsSequencingNo handwriting needed!

Add teacher resources/videosGames/activitiesStudents can work on projects at homeReports save to internet- not to computerStudents can create classroom/grade-level newsletters

Costs:1 teacher/30 students: $391 teacher/125 students: $9510 teachers/250 students: $390No materials required for students

Fun Info:

Our Trip to Glogster






Writing Organization

Reading Comprehension

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