Glogster Project Guidelines

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Glogster Project Guidelines

Must have at least 2(no more than 5) images!!

20%Project Grade

Glogster Project

-Your report should include: Anatomy & Physiology *a description of your assigned skin disorder*what causes it/how its cured (treated)*who is susceptible to it *other interesting factsBiology*Types of animals in your biome*Avg. precipitation*abiotic factors*location*plant types* @ least 1 interesting fact

-You will Create a glogster poster to describe the topic you have been given-You are required to be creative and original-Please see Ms. Smith with all questions you have (Teacher office hours are located on your syllabus)-All assignments are due at exactly 12AM on due date-

Due: September 12th, 2013

-You must have at least 2 internet sources-Remember to properly site all sources in APA format

-Must have at least 1 book-At least 1 video

Biology Presentations on Tuesday (9-10-13)-Tundra (Emmanuel & Suzie)-Boreal Forest (J.D., Meridlyn, Taylor)-Temperate Forest(Fabrice & Naikha)-Temperate Woodland and Shrubland(Vickens, Gabby, Avenson)-Temperate Grassland (Jerry & Calima)-Desert (Jeaju & Brunesidia)

Biology Presentations on Wednesday (9-11-13)-Tropical Savanna (David & Gama)-Tropical Seasonal Forest (Donovan & Roddley)-Tropical Rain Forest (Abdias & Malachi)-Mountains (Alberick & Dedrian)-Polar Regions (Samuel & Tyrese)



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