Glogster invitation to my students

by EvridikiDakos
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Glogster invitation to my students

My Dear Students,This is a platform where we can continue our works on-line! Even in summer! :)Why not enjoy Technology's wonders to develop our digital skills and improve our English?All you have to do is to prepare a poster on summer holidays first and get familiarised with Glogster and later we can go on by chosing a common subject. I am planning to organise an on-line competition here and all together rate the best works!All my best,Your Teacher Evridiki

You see, even cats get bored and need holidays! :)

Glogster is a kind of a BLOG. It is one of the easiest and most enjoyable web 2.0 tools I have ever used! :)

INVITATIONI would like to invite you to prepare a poster on summer holidays. They can either be the ones you have now or the ones you dream!

Waiting your Glogsters (posters)Evridiki

In glogster you can;. upload photographs videos music. design it as you wish . send any messages you want.


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