Glogster in Numeracy Class

by msschultz
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Glogster in Numeracy Class

Glogster EDU in

Numeracy Class

Recently, I collaborated and co-taught with a teacher who teaches Numeracy class. In Numeracy class, students learn how math is related to real-life applications. For Numeracy, students were assigned one math term to create a Glog, which will later be used when we review for SOL tests.

Each Glog will be linked to a main page (or table of contents). Students were assigned to include a definition, 2 examples, a BrainPop video, a video from Discovery Education, an online game or interactive activity and a question and answer from a released SOL test.

Below are 2 videos of students sharing their Numeracy Glog. Names and faces of students are not shown due to confidentiality. Please enjoy!



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