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  • Tehescmarts 7 years ago

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    Still trying to make a better video...

  • mrtay1 6 years ago

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    how to make a viedo?

  • Tehescmarts 6 years ago

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    @mrytay1: For this video. I clicked on video, then grab, Glogster gives you 5 minutes to record video using your webcam. Very easy.

  • Tehescmarts 6 years ago

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    How to make a video with you webcam. Only have 5 minutes.
    Look at the video with Title: Grab Video.

  • donnadixie 6 years ago

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    I love your comment on my glog i made another one! i dont know hy they dont let them post public...

  • s4r7u6v 6 years ago

    s4r7u6v's avatar

    I lovhe your blogg and all oi have to say is keep tha reat work.................

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