Glogster EDU Saves Trees

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Environmental Studies

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Glogster EDU Saves Trees

We plant trees

For every Glogster EDU Premium purchase, we plant a tree

Purchase a Glogster EDU Premium license, and we’ll plant a tree in Haiti on your behalf. With EDU Premium, teachers can create Glog projects, manage student portfolios, assign grades, make presentations, and so much more. Provide your students with the latest digital learning platform while doing your part to restore our world’s forests—all with Glogster EDU Premium. Reduce your impact, restore our forests.

Join EDU Premium now and plant a tree!

Consider the following statistics: • A U.S. elementary school with 1000 students uses about 2,200 reams of copy paper per year (1 ream = 500 sheets).• One tree produces about 16.7 reams of paper, which means that…With Glogster EDU, your school could save 132 trees per year!

Glogster EDU is the green solution for schools looking to reduce their environmental impact. Glogs are Graphic Multimedia Blogs that combine text, videos, graphics, audio, drawings, data attachments, and more to create online multimedia posters with zero waste. No paper waste means more trees saved!

Since 1989, Trees for the Future has worked with local communities in Africa, Asia, and Central America to restore degraded lands, preserve traditional livelihoods, and spread awareness of sustainable agroforestry. The program is currently working with communities along the Arcadine coast in Haiti to plant trees and establish food supplies in the areas most devastated by the 2010 earthquake. To date, Trees for the Future has planted nearly 65 million trees

About Trees for the Future

Ready to give up wasteful paper posters?

Paper Waste in Schools

Go Green with Glogster EDU

Go digital with EDU Premium and plant a tree!


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