Glogster Ambassador Application

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Glogster Ambassador Application

Passion for Improving the Lives of Students,2. Extraordinary Levels of Glogster Implementation in the Classroom, School, Homes and beyond,3. Creative Principles and Practices using Glogster EDU; introducing Fresh and Creative approaches to learning for other educators and students, and4. Successes in initiating, integrating, and utilizing Glogster EDU with others in a variety of forums.

• Astromony Glog Project• G/T Stem Cell Research Project• City of Ember / Bill of Rights Project• 20's and 30's Poster Project with Special Education Students• Weathering/Erosion Photo review• WWII Battles Project• Genetic Disorders Group Project• Civil War Battles Project• Spanish Year in Review Project

One of the main reasons I went into teaching was to give back the time one teacher spent with me. He spent countless hours working with me to help me better understand Algebra. He always said one day it would all make sense. Little did I know then, I would later become one of his collegues teaching the same math classes. This teacher had such an impact on my life that I have always strived to do the same for other students. I always liked teaching math but once I was given the oppotunity to become the Technology Integration Specialist at my school, I started to LOVE my job. That was almost 10 years ago - technology has changed greatly and so has my role. Teachers have really started to embrace using technology with their students. I believe my role provides both the staff and students with the technical support and guidance helping make the project more of a success for everyone.Thought there are trying times with my job, I believe I have a dream job. Not many people get to try out all sorts of new technologies and see the excitement of both staff and students when the final product exceeds their expectations!



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