Glogster 101

by Ranneylib
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Glogster 101

First things first: REGISTER

Then watch this tutorial

STUDENT ACCOUNTS:A teacher can register up to 50 student accounts. Students do not need an e-mail account to register. The teacher will receive the confirmation notification after the task has been completed, “The account has been created. You will find the password in your message box and email.” Teachers can change students' passwords, and edit their profile information.

Glogster 101

TEACHER ACCOUNTS:Master account controls for teachers to edit student accounts: – registration- passwords- add/delete students- messaging/commentsMaster account controls for teachers to regulate the progress status of all student Glogs: -- Unfinished- Finished- Public for All


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Privacy controlsThe registering teacher monitors the content and accessibility of all student Glogs. Once the teacher sets up a virtual classroom account, the registered students will only be able to see the Glogs created within the teacher’s account. Additionally, the students can communicate only with the other students within the established class.

What is Glogster?


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