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Tower of London

What is the Tower of London?The Tower of London is a place of execution. It is also a military base. The Tower of London is a public area where you can find records and the royal mint (money).

What was the Building used for?Some of the things the building was used for was aprison, a fortress, ceremonies, and parties for New Years and birthdays.It was also a royal power base in the city of London.

Who built the Tower of London?William I, also known as William the Conqueror, built the tower. He was the first king of England. Richard the "Lionhearted" added fortifications to the building and so did Henry III.

Interesting FactsThe Tower is so strong it could have held off a present day army. Many famous people were killed.The ways they were killed were execution by hanging, guillotine, and tortured until death.

Some of the purposes of the tower is a museum, jewelry safe, and a place of execution. It was also a successful breeding program for chicks.

Other things you should know:Yeoman warders guarded the tower. They are also called beefeaters. They wear tudor uniforms similar to the ones in the picture.

If the ravens ever leave the tower then the kindom will fall.Charles II decreeded that there must be at least 6 ravens in the tower.This tradition has been honored for more than 300 years.



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