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The Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor with the expectation that once Americans had experienced Japan's power, they would shrink from further conflict.

-After Pearl Harbor, eager young Americans jammed recruiting offices.

Even the 5 million who volunteered for military service, however were not enough to face the challenge of an all-out war on two global fronts-- Europe and the Pacific. The Selective Service System expanded the draft and eventually provided another 10 million soldiers to meet the armed forces' needs.

The military's work force needs were so great that Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall pushed for a Woman's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC). More than 13,000 woman applied on the first day. In all some 350,000 women served in branches during the war.

-This was the first time the Army Air Corps opened its enlistment to African Americans.

Americans Join the War Effort

For many minority groups--especially African Americans, Native Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans-- the war created new dilemmas.

-More than 300,000 Mexican Americans joined the armed forces. - One million African Americans also served in the military. -More than 13,000 Chinese Americans joined the armed forces. - 33,000 Japanese Americans fought as well. - 25,000 Native Americans enlisted in army, including 800 women

Selective Service Act

Recruiting and Discrimination

Expanding the Military



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