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The Last Song

Hot Topics!Ronnie was arrested by the police twice for stealing. Why do you think she wanted to steal those items?How would you act if your parents got a divorce?

Seventine-year-old Ronnie loved playing the piano she even preformed at Carnegie Hall, But when her parents divorced she left her music in the past and found herself having a couple run-ins with the police. After not speaking with her father for 3 years her mother decided that her and her brother, Johan, should spend the entire summer together at her fathers house in North Carolina. Ronnie, upset, tried to stay as far away as possible from her Dad. So desperate to make friends she ended up with a group of messed up teens who landed her in jail. After that Ronnie was done, little did she know that when she met Will she would fall for his charming personality and little did Will know that when he met Ronnie he would fall for her too. They both spent the summer romancing. A fight later broke them up but when Ronnie learned that her father had terminal cancer they started to see each other a lot more. Unfortunatly her father passed away but her and Wills love continued to live on. Ronnie felt she would have him forever and she was right.I choose this book because its full of life and personality. Every page was filled with even more excitment. I could see everything happening in my head. I could see the pier and the beach house and the dunes where Ronnie and Will had there first real conversation. I enjoyed every page of this book!

Period 6 2/20/10

Laura McGovern


This song is from the movie, The Last Song, which comes to theaters soon. The lyrics express exactly how Ronnie feels about Will.

This song, Stand Up 2 Cancer, relates to the book because it shows how Ronnie's Dad stuggles with his fight with cancer.

By Nicholas Sparks

This song, Sand in Your Shoes, is about falling in love at the beach which is exactly what Ronnie and Will do.

"First Blaze. Then Marcus.She wondered if everyone was crazy down here."


"If you weren't going to tell me, why did you bring me down here? So I can watch you die?"No, sweetie. Just the opposite." He rolled his head to face her. "I asked you to come so I could watch you live."


"...and for most of the nine hours it had taken them to drive down, she'd felt like a prisoner being transferred to a rural penitentiary."



"he went to check on the daughter he loved more than life itself."


Hot Topics!Ronnie's Dad, Steve, choose not to tell his children about his cancer so they wouldn't act differely around him. If you were in his postion what would you have done?If you lost a loved one from Cancer how do you think you would handle it?

"...and she was suddenly certain that she wanted nothing more than to spend hours and hours wrapped in his arms, just like this."

Hot Topics!Why do you think summer is filled with love & easy living more than other seasons?

1) This website is Nicholas Sparks's official website where you can learn more about the book and other novels he has written.2) The link above is a review from everyday people who read the book so you can see what other people thought of this novel.3) If you go to the website above you will find a review of the book by a profesional. Check it out!4) The link above is about stomach cancer and if you look at the website you can learn a little more about what Ronnie's Dad had to go through.5) This is another summer love story like the one Ronnie and Will shared.



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