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Moves to Alabama for dad’s job -> hates Alabama and becomes a loner Grandmother make her join the Debutantes-> meets her knew best friends Joins the field hockey team at school-> becomes more popular and get a lot of friends

My evaluation of the book is good. I recommend the book for all age middle school age groups. It had good details but not too many. It really showed a relationship building throughout the entire book, definitely a book to read.

Annie has a wonderful life in Connecticut but then she moves to hot and humid Beauford Alabama. The only thing keeping her from going crazy is her love for Field Hockey. Through the sport she meets her best friends Mary Price and Mary Katherine. Her nagging, old fashioned grandmother is forcing her to become a debutante. Then she meets Robert, a handsome lacrosse player. After having dress rehearsals and charity fundraisers she finds out being a debutante isn’t really that bad, neither is Alabama.

Annie MacRea, she really gives an amazing vibe for the book. She is the one you want to follow throughout the book.

Never doubt it till you try it.

Katelynn Franklund Reading 17/18Katelynn Franklund Reading 17/18Katelynn Franklund Reading 17/18Katelynn Franklund Reading 17/18

I could change anything in the book I would change her personality. She has one of those personalities where you have to get use to it. The personality really to awhile to enjoy, and relate to it.

The climax of the story was at the New Years Eve party, when she finally kissed Robert. From there on were mostly just minor details.

The conflict in the story is that she has to move to Alabama for her father’s job, losing all her friends in the process. The after months of morning, she finds her love for both field hockey and her boyfriend, Robert, would help her get through it. She seems to love Alabama like a second home.

The Debutante By Kathryn Williams

"I love to come out here,it always seems to relax me. I'm glad I could share this with you, Annie." Robert. This quote is important to the story because it shows the relationship of Annie and Robert.



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