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The Giver

This is a picture of a boy recieving memories like Jonas

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If I had to choose which novel to recommend to another reader I think that I would probably choose The Messenger, I would choose the messenger because number one the book was so addicting I could not put it down, I was so apprehensive on what would happen next. Number 2 it was written really well, I think that the author used more writing tricks in this book than in The Giver, It also appeared to have no flaws which I thought was truly remarkable. Lois Lowry did a positively amazing job with this novel I felt as if I were right next to Jonas. Last but not least the book was so so so interesting, I ended up reading it in two days because it was so hard to put down. This book was truly amazing I would recommend it to kids all ages.

I think that the theme for The Giver was man vs. society I think this because the society is holding Jonas back from what he really wants to be free. The theme for The Messenger was man vs. Nature I think that the theme was man vs. nature bbecause the forest was nature and the forest was killing lots of people and making them become terrible people. Both of these themes are holding the protagonist back from a goal that they need to accomplish.

The antagonist for The Giver was the community the community was the antagonist because it was holding Jonas back from the real world. The Antagonist for the giver was the forest the forest was the antagonist because it was killing lots of people from Matty’s community. The antagonist for both of the novels was not an actual person but a group of people making laws and a forest.

In the Messenger the protagonist was Matty, In the Giver the protagonist was Jonas. Jonas and Matty were the two protagonists in the novels I read, because they both showed the largest amount of growth. Matty showed growth when he decided to bring Kira from her town to his community. Jonas showed growth when he left his community with Gabe. Jonas and Matty are the protagonists.


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