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The gullet is also called oesophagus and food doesn't drop down to your stomach but is pushed down by your muscles in a action know as peristalsis

Digestion starts in the mouth but did you know that the saliva in your mouth contains a chemichal called amylase?


The gastric juice in your stomach contains hydrochloric acid that kills bacteria in the food and provides the acidic condition for a enzyme known as proteases to work.

Your stomach will digest itself if it has no food so a layer mucus protects the wall of your stomach until the hydrochloric acid corrodes that layer

The oesophageal sphincter prevents the food coated with hydrochloric acid from going back up the oesophagus as the oesophagus has no mucus to protect it from the hydrocloric acid.

Your small intestine has 3 parts with the duodenum first,then the jenunum and the iluem as the last part.

Most digestion happens at the duodenum while most absorbtion is at the jenunum and the iluem absorbs anything else that the jenunum did not absorb.

The doudenum contains enymes such as bile from the liver,amylase and proteases from the pancreas.

There are finger-like projections called villi in your small intestine that helps to increase the surface area for absorbtion.

There is actually bacteria in your large intestine but they help by producing vitamins when they absorb the nutrients from the undigested food.

The large intestine absorbs the vitamins made by the bacteria and water and turn the undigested food into semi-liquid.There is no digestion in the large intestine onwards.

The last stop is the rectum where the undigested food(faeces) are stored until they are passed out from the anus.

Glossary:1)amylase:enzyme that digest starch to maltose2)peristalsis:wave-like movement.3)protease:a enzyme that digests protein to shorter chains of amino acid.4)oesophageal sphincter:prevents food coated with hydrochloric acid from going back up the oesophagus.5)bile:liquid produced by liver to break down fats to tiny droplets of fats.6)pancreas:a gland that prodcues enzymes.7)villi:finger-like projection to increase surface area for absorbtion.8)liver:produce bile and detoxicate




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