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I used Vinny Chaes for my Gatsby, cause his role in Entourage reminds me of Gatsby

I though that Bob Dylans Song "Like a Rolling Stone" would best describe Gatsby

I feel that a Cigar represents Gatsby well cause it shows his exspensive tatse and his type of partying.

I choose Nordstrom for where Gatsby would shop cause of it high end close and exspensive taste.

I choose a library for another symbol for Gatsby,Owl Eyes was amazed by the stories that were in his Library

I used James Bond for my Movie character cause he always gets the girl, loves to party and is unpredictable

I choose Champagne for symbol of Gatsby because of it exspenisive cost and unique taste

I Choose Ryan Lochte(Swimmmer) for Gatsby because of is Good looks, ways of getting the ladies and love for partying.



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