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I love Rudy Diaz!!!<3

ohh......where do i start???? ahhh rudy.... we've been through sooo much, lots of ups and many downs. the usual couple who's been through all that we have would of broken up by now... but your different, your the prince in all my dreams. the guy whose always there, holding my hand. hugging me, texting me, calling me, telling me how beautiful, crazy, and loving i am, telling me you love me.....everyday(: im like the luckiest girl EVER! im so lucky to get a chance to even hug you. i cant tell you how much i love you. everyday i wake up knowing im gonna have a good day because i'll have you right by my side. i love you so much rudy, and u need to know that(:

im very lucky to have that(: I LOVE YOU<3333



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