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Social Studies

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GREAT ZIMBABWEGreat Zimbabwe mean "House of Stone". This is a fitting title due to the stone walls around its perimiter. The area was settled around the 4th century. They started constructing the stone building ine the 11th century. It continued for more than 300 years. Great Zimbabwe was a centre for trade. They had a trade route linked to Kilwa and going all the way to China. Great Zimbabwe was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe.

Mansa MusaMansa Musa was the emperor of the Malian empire from 1312-1337 C. He was the greatest ruler of the Malian empire and may have been the wealthest. He also took the pilgramage to mecca. Mansa Musa promoted education trade and commerce in Mali,this strengthened Islam. His accessor was Sandiata, who was his grandfather. Musa ruled for 25 years. He brought stability and prosperity to Mali.



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